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Why I chose a water birth

Mum-of-two Nabiila Bee shares her experience

Author Nabiila Bee
Categories   Labour and Birth

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I chose to have a water birth after discovering the many positive experiences of other mothers on social media. I love water and its calming, relaxing qualities. And so naturally I gravitated towards the option as it would help keep me calm.

My initial reasoning to look into water births was due to my experiencing a really bad case of symphysis pubis disorder (SPD). In my research, I learned water helps carry your weight for you, which is a big factor in lessening the pain when it comes to giving birth.

The warmth of the water really did help me relax and I felt instantly lighter as I got into the tub. My SPD symptoms immediately decreased. I also felt it was a lot more private and comfortable than a bed. 

After the obviously exhausting experience of labour, I did notice that my beautiful baby daughter entered the world in a calm, relaxed demeanour that I’d never expected or witnessed before - the nurses assured me this is natural to most water born babies. 

I even remember my husband panicking because she wasn’t crying - and later making remarks how “all babies should be born this way”.

Some interesting points I read that lead me to opt for a water birth:

  • It decreases labour pain or your need for anaesthesia.
  • It decreases the duration of labour (again I really think that helped me with both labours as my first was five hours and the second only four hours).
  • It gives you a sense of control and conserves energy. It relaxes and soothes you. And when you’re upright in the water, gravity helps move the baby down towards the birth canal.
  • Being in water helps lower your blood pressure, reduces feelings of anxiety and releases endorphins which can help ease pain.

I found having a water birth less painful compared to my second birth - I had to get out of the water midway and give birth on a bed and the pain was definitely more intense and so was my SPD. 

Also, it was so much easier to move around and get into different positions when in the water, whereas when I was on the bed I felt paralysed and found it impossible to move. I would definitely advise mums to look into water births - ask friends and family what their experiences were like. 

I highly recommend any mum to have a water birth... Oh, and wear comfortable maternity swimwear like bikini bottoms that are really easy to take off. Something that can be tied and untied from the sides. Of course, always talk to your midwife so they can answer all your questions and concerns.

Author Nabiila Bee

Nabiila Bee is a modest fashion and lifestyle influencer and vlogger, sharing her motherhood journey with her two children, a two-year-old daughter and son, six months.

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