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Smart tech picks for parents

The Edit’s smart technology picks for infants

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The Edit

Parenting can be hard. With so much to think about when you have a little one in tow it’s normal to need a little support from time to time – and there are lots of smart tech devices out there to help.

From air monitoring devices to ‘Smart Socks’, technology is helping parents in a variety of different ways, so there’s more time to enjoy those precious moments.

The Edit reveals its favourite smart technology on the market.

Silver Cross Smart Stroll™

Smart Stroll™ by Silver Cross

Smart Stroll™ is the latest innovation from Silver Cross, connecting wirelessly to the Silver Cross app and syncing via Bluetooth. Designed to track air quality in real-time, this smart tech device attaches by magnet to your stroller or pushchair and instantly alerts you to any environmental changes so you can keep your little one safe and comfortable all stroll long.

There’s also a unique route tracker which benefits parents’ wellbeing as much as baby’s. You can plan, save and share your strolls with others by uploading photos and adding comments through the ground-breaking Silver Cross app, creating an online parenting community in the palm of your hands.

Smart Stroll™ is now available to purchase exclusively at until 31st August.

Silver Cross app

Silver Cross app

As well as syncing with the Smart Stroll™ device, the Silver Cross app provides ultimate peace of mind if you’re purchasing a Silver Cross car seat. Simply scan the barcode on your car seat, or its packaging, to get access to product demos, instruction manuals and step-by-step installation guides to ensure your car seat is fitted correctly. In addition, there’s a car compatibility checker with over 600 vehicles listed.

You can also read The Edit, the ultimate place for parents and parents-to-be, on the app, so you have expert advice and inspiration at your fingertips. Tailor your experience by ordering and filtering the content you’re most interested in and create your own bespoke reading list.

Download for free on the App Store and Google Play

Image credit: Owlet

Owlet Smart Sock

The most precious moments in the day can turn into the most worrying during the night when you’re constantly checking on your little one to make sure they’re OK. The Owlet Smart Sock puts parents’ minds at ease as it monitors baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep trends, so mum and dad can get a decent night’s sleep.

With its immediate notifications, the Smart Sock will alert you to changes to your baby’s oxygen levels or heart rate straight away. Their readings can also be viewed in the app at any time to keep you informed of their wellbeing whilst they sleep.

Get yours at Owlet

Image credit: VTECH / John Lewis

VTECH V-Hush BC8313 Sleep Aid

Settling your little one at bedtime has never been easier with the VTECH V-Hush Sleep Aid. With hundreds of classical songs, bedtime stories, lullabies and nature sounds, it’s the perfect gadget to soothe your baby – day and night. The glowing colours and ceiling projections will keep them relaxed too.

Make your own recordings with your family’s favourite songs or stories so baby can listen to their parents’ voice as they drift off to sleep, or connect to Spotify and Apple Music like a regular Bluetooth speaker.

Get yours at John Lewis

Image credit: Elvie

Elvie hands-free breast pump

Whether you’re pumping at home, on the go, or back at work, the Elvie hands-free breast pump will take the stress away. Silent, wearable and controlled through your phone, the pump fits discreetly into your bra, giving you the confidence to pump wherever and whenever.

Through the Elvie app you can operate the pump, monitor real-time milk volume and track your pumping history – all without ever reaching into your bra. Your pump can also be personalised by choosing your preferred intensity setting and lighting option.

Get yours at Elvie

Image credit: Sense-U


The Sense-U monitor allows you to check on your baby no matter where you are. Tracking their breathing movement, temperature and sleep position, the monitor easily attaches to your child’s nappy to keep them safe all night-long.

If they accidentally roll onto their front you’ll be instantly notified, and the temperature monitor ensures they’re never too hot or too cold, taking the stress out of night time and nap time.

Get yours at Sense-U

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